Founded in 2000 by several experts with strong background in the banking industry and extensive experience in digital payments, Moldmediacard (MMC) is now one of the longest established card processing provider in Moldova. Since then, we have reinvented the business as a leading payment technology provider. MMC is a national player with a complete portfolio of services for card issuers, it operates on a system built entirely in accordance with international payment card industry standards and rules of MasterCard, VISA and American Express. The company is render processing services for members of international payment systems, using Visa, MasterCard and exclusively in Moldova - American Express cards.

    A vital part of our success is our team and their expertise. We are proud to provide our customers with information from some of the sharpest minds in the paytech industry, as our team consists of certified experts with over 17 years of experience in the payments industry.

    In 2008, MMC was the first processing center in Moldova to receive a PCI DSS certificate, since then, MMC is certified annually by international auditors to confirm full compliance with PCI DSS requirements. Also, every two years, MMC is certified by international auditors to confirm full compliance with the PCI PED requirements. The company is also financially audited by one of the top 4 financial audit companies annually. Moldmediacard was included on the list of the largest and the most transparent taxpayers by the authorities of the Republic of Moldova and was rewarded for transparency and honest contributions to the State Tax Inspectorate 4 times, the last times being in 2017 and 2020.

    Since our inception, the Moldovan payment industry has evolved enormously, but our mission has remained the same, to help banks, financial and non-financial institutions build, improve and modernize their payment technology business with a wide range of payment solutions. As well provide personalized experience with last trends of payment industry technologies based on the user's behavior.

    We are payment experts with modern technology platforms. We use our industry expertise to develop, implement and manage complex transaction systems across the financial industry, using real-time transaction information to ensure we meet the needs of our customers and those of their clients.

     Our strategy is underpinned by 3 pillars: Technology, Innovation and People. In addition to these pillars, we strive to provide choice and flexibility to our customers.


Our technology solutions are based on innovation, payment card industry technology trends, secure cost-effective and work for our customers’ needs.


We are committed to investing in the innovating technologies that provide superior payment processing to our customers.


Only strong personalities can change the future of payments. Our team is driven by challenges, creativity and innovation.

Facts and figures of MMC:

  • Total turnover for the last 3 years – 60.5 Million MDL;
  • From the beginning of its activity until now, MMC has implemented 6 projects with a total value of over 100.000 EUR.
  • More than 55 Million of payment card authorizations yearly;
  • More than 40 Million of clearing transactions annually;
  • In 2019, MMC processed more than 33% of the total number of card transactions issued in Moldova (including cards issued abroad used for transactions in the Republic of Moldova);
  • Throughout 2019, MMC issued 30% of all cards issued in the Republic of Moldova;
  • In 2019, the share of devices for card acceptance connected to MMC included: 30% of all ATMs; 28% of all POS-terminals;
  • MMC market share of international transactions in 2019 was: as issuer - 29%; as acquirer - 32%.
  • In 2019, MMC processed 45% of all domestic transactions;

    Our ongoing ambition is to remain a reliable hub of the Moldovan payments industry and turn the payment systems into easy, intuitive and customer-oriented solutions, because these solutions are the basis for growth and progress.

    MMC is helping to make life a little bit easier for their financial institution clients and citizens across Moldova. MMC is constantly looking to diversify its portfolio of services and customers portfolio, including cross-border processing.

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