We deliver innovative payment solutions so our customers can transform the old and navigate the new.

     We partner with banks, financial and non-financial institutions that provide payment services to their customers. We help them to implement the best payment systems for their needs. We always innovate, change and improve, focusing on providing customer-centric solutions and services.

     MMC operates throughout the value chain of payments, from the capture and authorization of payments to processing, clearing and settlement. Our security and anti-fraud offers help verify transaction details, ensure the availability of funds in the cardholder's account and perform anti-fraud measures, and all this is done in seconds. MMC uses the latest technology to monitor, prevent, detect and deterrence payment fraud.

     The range of transaction processing services offered by Moldmediacard covers the full range of functionalities currently available on the national market:

  • processing the magnetic stripe card transactions;
  • cards with contact CHIP and contactless CHIP;
  • accepting secured transactions in the area of electronic commerce based on 3D Secure standards as Acquirer and Issuer.  MMC certified 3DSecure service on version 2.2 for Visa (Verified by Visa) and MasterCard (Secure Code/ Identity Check);
  • processing multicurrency Cash-In transactions by ATM in three currencies (MDL, USD, EUR);
  • accepting payments through mobile devices POS – MPOS;
  • cardless – depositing cash at Cash-In ATMs (without using physical cards);
  • Airline Addendum; P2P (MoneySend, Visa Direct)– money transfers through ATM, WEB, Mobile Application - between any Visa, Master Card or AMEX card;
  • ATM surcharge (access fee);
  • activating the card during the first transaction (by customized rules);
  • ATM recycling;
  • WEB services – online payments;
  • online notifications;
  • international transfers to card (T2C);
  • Cash by Code (CBC), Cash In by Code (in house development);
  • Fraud Management (detection);
  • instant issuing (in house development);
  • ATM Pin Management;
  • Multicurrency Settlement;
  • Installment Cards;
  • ATM Barcode;
  • ATM Exchange USD/MDL, EUR/MDL (in house development);
  • Paperless PIN (PIN by SMS) – in house development.

MMC’s processing infrastructure is built on two major systems Front Office and Back Office.

    MMC Call Center provides 24/7 support services for cardholders wherever in the world. Each member of the MMC support team is trained to perform any of the following tasks in support of card programs:

  • Traditional call Center Services;
  • Identify cardholders;
  • View detailed transaction information;
  • Block/Unblock cards;
  • Monitor suspicious transactions;
  • Monitor the status of the ATMs.