General Meeting of Members - the supreme deliberating and decision-making body of the Company, which may decide on any area of the Company's activity, provided for by the Company's Articles of Association and the legislation in force. The shareholders of the Company are two local banks:
B.C. "ECB" S.A. - 1%

The Board of the Company - the governing body that represents the interests of the Associates between general meetings and, within the limits of its powers, exercises general management and control over the Company's activity. The Council of the Society is subordinate to the General Meeting of the Associates. Members of the Council of the Society:

Aliona STRATAN - Chairwoman of the board
Dumitru BAXAN - Board member
Iurie CATARAGA - Board member
Beniamin TADEVOSYAN - Board member
Viktor RAZHEV - Board member

General Director - the single-member executive body of the Company, which acts for the purpose of realization and promotion of the vital interests of the Company, in accordance with the powers granted by the general meeting of the members.

Adrian TĂRÎȚĂ - General Manager

Board of the Society

Director general