Digital First


December 2022

Moldmediacard is glad to announce the creation of infrastructure that permits instant issuing of digital cards in the local market of the Republic of Moldova. The digital card has the same advantages as the physical and the plastic one, but it is issued exclusively in the issuer’s bank mobile app. Likewise, the card has a number, validity period and CVV code that are always available in the app.

It’s issued quickly – the digital card can be opened at any time in the issuer’s bank mobile app and can already be used in a few minutes.
It's convenient - for the digital card you can set or change the PIN code directly in the issuer’s bank mobile app, without reissuing it, if you've forgotten the PIN.
It's safe - the digital card doesn't take up space in your wallet and you can't lose it, which means that unknown people won't have access to your personal data.
It's environmentally friendly – expired plastic cards are dangerous for the environment, with tons of such waste being collected every year. The digital card is a sustainable alternative.

How do you pay with a digital card?

  • Payments at the POS terminal (stores, restaurants, etc.) – you pay with your smartphone or smartwatch, adding the digital card to the Apple Wallet, Google Wallet or Garmin Pay.
  • Online shopping – digital card data (number, validity period and CVV code) are available in issuer’s bank mobile app.
  • Cash withdrawal – you can always withdraw money from the card at contactless ATMs or using the cash by code service.