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Gas and electric boilers

Boilers are an ideal way to heat your home. They are compact in size, modern in design and innovative in technology and are perfect for new installations as well as replacement in existing installations. They integrate easily into any interior design and are suitable for both apartments and ground floor houses. At you will find a wide range of comfortable gas or electric systems, perfect for heating your home.

Modern radiators

Heat needs to reach every room, which is why you need quality, good-looking radiators. Euroterm offers you aluminium and steel radiators in various shapes and sizes, but also with a long service life. They are easy to fit into any heating system and can take the place of old radiators if they no longer provide the desired output. At the same time, they are attractive and efficient, ensuring stable thermal comfort throughout your home.

Pellet stoves

Did you know that pellets are one of the cheapest fuels on the market? A pellet stove from Termostal can help you significantly reduce your heating costs. It heats the air in the space it's in, and in adjoining rooms, with the help of hot air kits. It's easy to install and small in size, fitting harmoniously into both rustic and modern sites.

Air conditioners

Air-conditioning equipment is purchased for a long time, so you need to choose an optimal and suitable model. Especially, it is also beneficial in the summer, when you want to cool your space, but also in the cold season, when you need more heat. Because it's used all year round, you need an economical yet functional piece of equipment. At Avi Clima you'll find branded air conditioners perfect for the comfort you want.

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