Moldmediacard has successfully integrated two more banks into the card payment processing system


January 2023

Moldmediacard continues to expand its portfolio of services and products by integrating the most advanced payment processing methods, while expanding its list of clients.
Recently, two more banks began to be served by Moldmediacard, ENERGBANK and EXIMBANK, choosing our company for the process of issuing and accepting cards. It should be noted that in the industry of card payments, migration and integration of a new bank into a processing center is considered one of the most difficult projects.

These two complex projects were carried out almost simultaneously, but this once again confirmed the diligence and professionalism of the team, ready for any professional challenges, regardless of complexity. The project lasted 6 months, during which we worked intensively with clients, conducting feasibility studies, certified banks with ICO Visa and Mastercard in order to integrate them into a new processing center.

We want to thank Moldmediacard clients for investing in us with confidence, we also express gratitude to the international payment systems for sustainable cooperation and acknowledge the company's team for their professionalism and dedication. All this allowed us to provide our customers with the efficiency of operations and the quality of the services.

Moldmediacard is the only payment processing center in the Republic of Moldova that has integrated and certified three international payment systems: Mastercard, Visa and American Express, introduced Apple Pay and Google Pay technologies for accepting payments (e-commerce merchants), developed an in-house service for the currency exchange on ATMs.
Currently, Moldmediacard serves 4 out of 11 banks in the Republic of Moldova which is 40% of Moldovan cards, 40% of ATMs in Moldova and 45% of POS terminals.